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Color Consultation - $200

In-home visit to consult on the right colors for your walls; package includes 2-hours and documented recommendations.Additional hours will be charged hourly.

Work with a Certified Color Consultant to get paint color recommendations for any room in your home. Exterior paint colors can be recommended too!


We will take into account home owner's likes, dislikes, and style desires; as well as, the surroundings in the room, the finishes in the space, and the natural lighting that filters in throughout the day.


The final output of a color consultation is an approved paint schedule that will instruct any professional what paint type, color, and finish will be applied and where. 


Room Refresh - $400

Give a room in your house a facelift by re-arranging existing furniture, using decor and items you already own and receiving recommendations on small improvements you can make on your own at your own pace.  Package includes a 4-hour in home visit.  Additional hours can be requested and charged at an hourly rate.

Have you ever wanted to update a room in your home, but feel like you already have enough furniture and "things" that buying more seems foolish? Perhaps, you just need a new set of eyes in your home to give your space a "refresh"!


We will take a room in your home (selected by you) and give it a facelift by:

- rearranging furniture

- swapping furniture pieces and/or decor from other rooms to use in the space

- styling shelves, mantels, tabletops, etc.

to provide a NEW look


After 4 hours, you will have a newly "decorated" room based on what's available to use, as well as, recommendations for what additional improvements and changes you can decide to make on your time. Of course, additional hours can be purchased, if more time is desired by the home owner.


Design & Execute - (Hourly)

*Most Popular Package*

Includes an in-home consultation, design plans including furniture layout and space plans, and recommended furniture pieces to purchase for the space to make the room(s) exactly what the client is seeking within their style and budget needs.

This package begins with an in-home consultation allowing the homeowners to meet the designer (Me!) and to talk through the scope of work - which includes must haves, wants, and wishes!

The design services will be an interactive process and the homeowner can take on as much of the role in design planning as they would like. If your preferences are to sit back and let someone else make the decisions for you, we can do that too!

Outputs of this package can include floor plans, space layouts, mood boards, furniture recommendations, shopping lists for the homeowner and/or execution of purchases made for the homeowner.  Finally, hands on staging and styling can be provided at the end of the project.


Wine & Design Party - $500

Enjoy a night with friends in your home while talking about your design needs. Hear tips and tricks for creating beautiful spaces and sip while you learn!

Need an excuse to throw a party?

If you and some friends are experiencing design challenges or just have the desire to learn some new tips for styling your home, then this service might be right for you!

The party host can invite up to 6 guests for 3 hours of fun. The time will be spent discussing design tricks and tips, as it includes a hands-on "refresh" of a space in the hosts' home. This real-time "refresh" is interactive and a great learning experience for all attendees.

Party guests should come with questions and challenges they are presented with in their own homes, as there will be time for Q&A with the designer - of course all of this occurs while sipping wine and laughing with friends!

Service Packages

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